An unlikely police firearm training incident

Invited Speaker: Sergeant Gerard Dutton (Tas Police)

Gerard has worked in forensic firearm and toolmark investigation for over 33 years and remarkably, is still not sick of it. Really. He loves it. He publishes regularly with well over hundred papers in a wide range of journals and is happy to present to anyone who is prepared to tolerate him waffling on about all sorts of technical, esoteric and unusual aspects of the work.

Presentation: An unlikely police firearm training incident

This presentation is a prime example of a freakish incident that are from time to time encountered in casework.

Questions posed in forensic firearm investigations sometimes reveal surprising answers. During a scenario-based training exercise in late 2018 by members of Tasmania Police using Glock training pistols, one member was struck in the lip with some form of projectile. The injury was superficial however the incident needed to be investigated to understand what happened and to prevent similar such incidents possibly occurring in future. An improbable series of circumstances was found to have caused the incident. The event and subsequent forensic findings will be discussed. Despite the relatively low-key nature of this investigation, delving into what occurred proved to be a fascinating exercise in shooting reconstruction and what may be considered a minor case still provided a learning opportunity.