Activity level reporting in forensic science

Invited Speaker: Mr Carl Grosser (FSST)

Carl is a Senior Forensic Scientist (DNA Profiling) at Forensic Science Service Tasmania. He will be presenting on Activity Level Reporting, a formalised thought process to evaluate scientific findings, applicable to all fields of Forensic Science (not just DNA profiling).

Presentation: Activity level reporting in forensic science

It is common for forensic scientists to rely on rarity information to convey the strength of the evidence being presented. The rarity approach is useful in cases where the relevant question being asked by the recipient is, “who or what left this evidence?”. However, in many cases, it’s not who or what left this evidence that is in question, but “how did this person or item generate this evidence?” Activity level reporting is an attempt to provide expert forensic opinion to recipients in a manner that attempts to address the “how”.