Branch Committee

The Branch Committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Victorian Branch.  The Committee is elected for a period of one year and may stand for re-election at the next AGM.  The President is a member of the Council of the ANZFSS, which meets in person once per year, as well as at least quarterly by tele-conference.

The current Victorian Branch Committee for 2018-19 is:

President: Jim PEARSON (VPFSD)

Vice-President: Erin PIRIE (VPFSD)

Treasurer: Scott AZZOPARDI (VPFSD)

Secretary: Tim VERDON (AFP)

Membership Officer: Joanne GERSTNER-STEVENS (VPFSD)

Merchandising Officer: Bianca SZKUTA (Deakin)

General Members:  Janette PSAROUDIS (VPFSD), Mariya GORAY (VPFSD), Mitch MONTGOMERY (Deakin), Craig HEWITSON (VPFSD), Ian NEELY (VPFSD), Elizabeth HERSCHELL (VPFSD), Joseph BALKWILL (VPFSD)