Past Meetings

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September 2017: Murder 101

August 2017: SA Branch AGM and National Science Week Event

June 2017: ADIFF

May 2017: My Teacher Said I’d Need Maths One Day

April 2017: The Real Breaking Bad

February 2017: Travelling Scientists

November 2016: Adelaide Gaol Ghost Tour

October 2016: Jack the Ripper

Special September Meeting 2016: Cancelled due to state-wide power outage

September 2016:Presentations at the Pub: ANZFSS Symposium Travel Award Recipients

August 2016: SA Branch AGM and National Science Week Event: SAPOL’s Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems

July 2016: Fire Cause Investigation

May 2016: Callington Homicide

April 2016: Unrecovered War Casualties – Army

March 2016: Hair forensics

November 2015: Dinner meeting at King’s Head; Facial recognition: Not all is as it seems

October 2015: Staged Crime Scenes

August 2015: AGM & National Science Week Event; Vision, Light & Colour

July 2015: Tales from the bar

June 2015: Glenys Heyward Murder

April 2015: Seeing the Wood Through the Trees

March 2015: Forensic Podiatry

November/December 2014: Treasury Tunnels Tour

October 2014: Making Soil Talk

September 2014: Symposium Public night; The Real Underbelly

August 2014: AGM and National Science Week event; Forensic Science Safeguarding Your Food

July 2014: ANZFSS Scholarship Recipients

May 2014: Don’t tase me, bro!

April 2014: Gladstone Munitions Factory Explosion

March 2014: Centennial Park Crematorium tour

December 2013: Lake Eyre Helicopter Crash

October 2013: Animals at the Astor

September 2013: Cyber Crime: How to make our kids safe

August 2013: AGM and National Science Week event, Celebrating 100 years of Advancements in Forensic Science

July 2013: The case of Carly Ryan

May 2013: Blood Pattern Analysis: Does Dexter really know what he’s doing?

April 2013: Prosecuting from the Grave – DNA Convictions in Serious Sexual Assault Cases

February 2013: Computer Forensics