Meetings – FAQs

FAQ’s about attending ANZFSS SA Branch Meetings:

Are the meetings only for SAPol or FSSA staff?  No, these are open to anyone with an interest in anything relating to forensic science.  We have members that are teachers, academics, administration, retired, etc, along with SAPol and FSSA staff and university staff and students.

I’m a member of SAPol – does this mean I’m a member of ANZFSS? No, ANZFSS is an independent professional society to any police force or government organisation.

Will there be catering at the meeting? Depends on the meeting – if it’s a case study, or the AGM in August which is free for all attendees, then no, we will generally not have catering.  If we do plan on having catering, this will be mentioned on the flyer.  This will generally only be nibbles and soft drinks.

Why don’t you have catering at some meetings? If it’s a case study, we generally expect well over 100 people to attend, if not close to 200 for the big case studies.  The Committee members are all volunteers and don’t have the time and resources (around working full-time/looking after kids for most of us), to organise catering for almost 200 people.  If our members are keen, they are more than welcome to contact the committee and do the catering!

I don’t like to pay via credit card/I don’t have a credit card – can I book another way? Yes, you can still RSVP your attendance by emailing the Secretary at with the names of those attending.  You will need to pay via cash when you arrive.

I’m a non-member and not sure if I can make it. Same as above, if you are unsure of your attendance, please email the names of those coming to the Secretary at and you can pay cash at the door if you can attend.  If you can’t make it, then no worries!

I’ve booked to attend an event – do I need to bring my receipt as proof of booking? Generally no.  We will have a list of attendees for the meeting and will check you off as you arrive.  If however you book on the day of the meeting, it would be a good idea to bring your payment receipt as we may not have your name on the list.

I’ve seen the merchandise at the meetings – do you have any more stock available? Yes, we have a flyer available on the website – if you click on “Merchandise” you will be able to find it.  If you need to contact the Merchandise Officer, their details are also on this page.

I’m interested in joining up – how do I do this? There is a centralised membership application process – if you click on “Membership” on the website you will be able to find it.  One thing to note is that memberships run for the financial year, meaning if you apply in Feb-May, you may be accepted, pay your dues and have to pay dues again in July.  UPDATE: any membership applications received and accepted from now will carry you through until end of June the following year.  See for information on how to join.

My son/daughter/niece/nephew/family friend is under 18 years of age – is it okay for them to come along to the presentations? We generally recommend that people be 17 years of age and over to attend ANZFSS Meetings, simply due to the serious and potentially graphic content in some presentations, especially case studies.  If the parent/guardian believes the minor is mature enough to attend, they may do so in the company of the parent/guardian – it’s ultimately up to the responsible adult to decide.  If the minor (or any other attendee) finds the content distressing, we have absolutely no problem with them leaving the room if they need to.  Attendance is at the minor’s/parent’s/guardian’s own risk.

If you have any more questions, please email and the Secretary will get back to you when they can.