Professional Membership

Initial invitation period

In order to initially establish the Professional Member category, an invitation period will apply. The applicant must meet the criteria for Professional Membership specified here, however, until a body of Professional Members has been established, the requirement that at least one of the referees is a Professional Member will be waived. This requirement may instead be met by having at least one referee who is a General Member of at least five years’ standing, or a Life Member. We anticipate that this waiver will need to be in effect for at least one year.

Additionally, for successful Professional Member applications received prior to 1 October 2019, the General Member subscription fee for 2019 – 2020 will be reimbursed once payment for the Professional Member has been received.

Further information about Professional Membership entitlements, the application process and the continuing professional development requirements can be found by following the links below.

Entitlements and Application Process

Continuing Professional Development Policy and General Information

Continuing Professional Development Activity Codes

Record of Continuing Professional Development Activity

Online application form (accessible to current General or Life Members only)

Individuals eligible to apply for Professional Membership who are not a current General Member should contact the ANZFSS Secretariat for information on how to proceed.