AGM at the CROC COVE was a huge success with three fantastic speakers in Dr Carolyne Bird, Natasha Mitchell and Dr Charles Connor followed by amazing cocktail food and animal encounters with some unique NT wildlife, a ‘Cage of Death’ crocodile dive by a couple of our speakers (Carolyne and Natasha) and then crocodile feeding for all guests.



A/District Officer Tony Miles a Fire Investigator with the NTFRS gave a presentation into two separate structure fires in Katherine.  The presentation was preceded by a short tour of the Darwin Fire Station burn house.  Tony is pictured with our President Karen Cavanagh.


Our 2nd foray into the public events was also wildly successful when we hosted a CSI: Trivia Night.


A big thank you to Detective Sergeant Hayley O’Neil for her insightful presentation ‘Investigation into the Disappearance and Murder of Carlie Sinclair’



Thank you to the following people for their time in making our first public night ‘Crime Scene to Court – Excellence through Science’ a huge success.

Detective Sgt Isobel Cummins (Major Crime Detective), S/C Bindi Burnell (Crime Scene Examiner), Casey Spanner (Forensic Biologist – DNA), Suzanne Mullen (Forensic Biologist – Blood Spatter), Dr Karen Cavanagh (Forensic Chemist – Trace), Kelsey McGorman (Forensic Chemist – Toxicology), S/C Brett Hackshaw (Fingerprint Expert), Dr John Plummer (Forensic Odontologist), Dr John Rutherford (Forensic Pathologist), NTFRS Tony Miles (Fire Investigator) and Dan Turner MC and narrator.


Thank you to Dr Judy Hinchliffe for your presentation “Bombs and Balloons: Forensic Dentistry and DVI” very interesting and a great follow on from Dr Rutherfords presentation.


Thank to Forensic Pathologist Dr Rutherford for your fascinating presentation title ‘A Miscellany of Disaster’.  Dr Rutherford is pictured with President Dr Karen Cavanagh.


Thank you very much to Carla Noziglia (USA), Carol Henderson (USA) and Chris Anderson (AUS) for the generosity of your time and sharing your expertise with our members. It is appreciated. Awesome presentations!!









Saying Thank you and Farewell to the outgoing ANZFSS NT Branch Present Anna Collins at the 2015 AGM.



ANZFSS NT Branch would like to thank NCIS Analyst Stephen Ruder from the Singapore Field Office for his presentation to the branch 23rd March 2015 titled ‘Waterborne Improvised Explosive Devices – design, history and defence’

As a thanks NT Water Police took NCIS Agents out on Darwin Harbour to see some sights – Pictured is Jim, Tim and Stephen from NCIS and Bindi and Anna from the NT Branch.


Detective Sergeant Isobel Cummins – Presenter of “Contract Killing Haunts Katherine’ pictured with Anna Collins (NT Branch President)


Pictured is Dr Bryan Found from the Victorian Police Forensic Services Centre with NT Branch Vice President Narelle Moss.

A special thanks to Bryan for his presentation ‘Forensic decision making in the right context; domain irrelevant information and bias in expert systems’.


Dr Karen Cavanagh-Steer with her award for Best Poster for Chemical Criminalistics “Body Bags – A Trace of Trace’ at the 22nd ANZFSS Symposium 2014.

Dr Karen Cavanagh-Steer being presented with her Certificate of Appreciation by the ANZFSS NT President for her lunchtime presentation to the NT Branch on the 5th November 2014 of her award winning poster ‘Body Bags – A Trace of Trace’.


NCIS Special Agent Michael D. Wigent from the NCIS Field Office in Singapore was a guest speaker at a regional meeting held in Katherine on the 16th August 2014.  Mike presented a number of interesting case studies with regard to clandestine graves and the recovery of skeletal remains through to Maritime Piracy.  I know that a lot of our members now are rethinking their career choices and now want to be NCIS Agents.

Pictured is NT Branch President Anna Collins, NCIS Special Agent Michael D. Wigent (with his Crocodile Attack Insurance) and NT Branch Secretary Bindi Burnell.

Senior Constable Bindi Burnell (Crime Scene Examiner) delivered on the 29th July 2014 at our AGM the following presentation – When Crocodiles Attack – Death in the Northern Territory – A Case Study.  Pictured is NT Branch President Anna Collins presenting S/C Bindi Burnell with a certification of Appreciation.

Suzanne Mullen (Forensic Biologist) delivered on the 29th July 2014 at our AGM the following presentation – Blood Pattern Destruction via Insect Invasion.  Pictured is NT Branch President Anna Collins presenting Suzanne Mullen with a certification of Appreciation.

Pictured left to right is Suzanne Mullen, Anna Collins and Bindi Burnell with some Northern Territory locals.

Suzanne Mullen (Forensic Biologist) – Poster Presentation, S/C Bindi Burnell (Crime Scene Examiner) – Oral Presentation and Dr Karen Cavenagh-Steer (Forensic Chemist) – Poster Presentation, will be representing the NT Branch at the upcoming ANZFSS Symposium in the Forensic Sciences to be held in Adelaide 2014.

Professor Simon Lewis – Curtin University and ANZFSS WA President did a presentation to the NT Branch titled – ‘The Many Murders of Harold Shipman – A Case Study in Forensic Science’ – 21st May 2014.   Professor Simon Lewis is pictured here with NT Branch President Anna Collins.

ANZFSS NT Branch President Anna Collins is pictured with Dr Terry Sinton – Forensic Pathologist of the Northern Territory.

ANZFSS NT Branch President Anna Collins is pictured with Dr Anna Axel (Forensic Biologist).

ANZFSS NT Branch President Anna Collins is pictured with Senior Constable Lianne Hawke (Fingerprint Examiner).

Pictured is Dr Mark Leedham – Forensic Odontologist

Pictured is Professor Martin Jarvis

Pictured is Kate Cheong-Wing (Forensic Biologist) and Anna Axel (Forensic Biologist) with their Poster Presentation at the ANZFSS Symposium 2012 – Hobart.

Heidi Harralson (Forensic Document Examiner – USA) pictured with ANZFSS NT Branch President Anna Collins.