Rebecca Kendrew Award

Rebecca Kendrew was a person who aspired to achieve through consistently demonstrating her passion for forensic science. Rebecca completed her Certificate IV of Mortuary Practice at the Sydney Institute of Technology, Ultimo before graduating from a Bachelor of Science in Forensic Biology at the University of Technology, Sydney. Her enthusiasm for forensic science was so strong that Rebecca went on to pursue a Masters in Forensic Science at the University of Canberra whilst working full time at the (then) Division of Analytical Laboratories.

Rebecca’s long term goal was to become a crime scene investigator and she was determined to attain that goal. Not only was Rebecca unwavering about becoming and being a forensic scientist, she encouraged others with similar aspirations. For the dedication and commitment Rebecca gave to self-development, learning and to forensic science, she will remain in our hearts.

It is the wish of the NSW Branch of the ANZFSS that the dedication Rebecca displayed towards forensic science be an inspiration to many forensic scientists currently practising and to those to come. This award, valued at $1,500 is open to practitioners and students.