The Australian and New Zealand Forensic Science Society works to encourage the advancement of forensic science.

Membership of the Society is open to all persons who have a professional or active interest in forensic science, including students.

New members are welcome.

Membership can be applied for centrally, and renewed, HERE. Note that individuals are able to be a member of only ONE branch, however, membership will enable you to attend member meetings held by any branch, at the local member rate.

It is no longer possible to apply to join the Society or renew your membership through your local Branch.

Benefits of membership include:

  • Involvement in a learned and an impartial society governed by a Code of Professional Practice
  • Participation in the world advancement of forensic science
  • Access to a variety of branch and Society-wide awards
  • Information sharing and fellowship

Membership of the ANZFSS, subject to eligibility, can currently be sought in one of the following three categories:

General Member

(a)  has current or previous employment in a forensic discipline or employment related to forensic science; and

(b)  has a qualification from an accredited tertiary institution or relevant forensic experience.

 Student Member

(a) is currently enrolled full-time at an accredited tertiary institution; and

(b) has an active interest in forensic science.

 Associate Member

(a) is not eligible for General or Student membership; but

(b) demonstrates an active interest in forensic science.

The cost of membership for 2018-19 is:

 Australian Branches (amounts inclusive of GST)

General: $55.00 AUD

Student: $35.00 AUD

Associate: $45.00 AUD

 New Zealand (no GST is included in NZ payments)

General: $50.00 AUD

Student: $30.00 AUD

Associate: $40.00 AUD

Registered Forensic Practitioner Scheme

Please note that this previous initiative of the ANZFSS has been discontinued.  Consequently this previous qualification no longer holds any legitimacy and should not be used by practitioners who were previously members of this scheme.