2010 Symposium Discipline Awards

Best Oral Presentations
Archaeology, Anthropology and Odontology Mark Page et al. The Uniqueness of the Human Dentition: Fact or Fiction?
Biology Chris Hefford & Duncan Taylor Modelling Stochastic Effects from Empirical Data to Develop Interpretational Guideline for STR DNA Analysis
Biometrics Martin Evison Why Forensic Facial Comparison Can Never be Like the Gold Standard of Forensic DNA Analysis
Chemical Criminalistics Hayley Brown & Michael Cook Gunshot Residue Particle Distribution on ‘Random Man’ – Results So Far …
Counter Terrorism & Major Incidents Keith Loft Development of a Conceptual Model for Improving the Coordination of Disaster Victim Identification in Australia
Crime Scene Investigation Paul Bennett Optimizing Collection of Footprint Evidence from Crime Scenes and Suspects: What the Experts Need
Document Examination Avni Pepe et al. Eye Movements During Simulations of High and Low Complexity Signatures
Fingermark Detection & Identification Paul Kelly & Roberto King Disulfur Dinitride as an Extraordinarily Versatile and Effective Forensic Reagent
Fire & Explosion Investigation Greg Dicinoski et al. The Use of Ion Chromatography and Capillary Electrophoresis for Chemical Identification of Improvised Explosives
Illicit Drugs & Clandestine Laboratories Helen Salouros et al. Profiling Methylamphetamine by Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry
Management & Quality Assurance Max Houck The FORESIGHT Project: A Collaborative Benchmarking for Forensic Laboratories
Pathology & Clinical Medicine Juliet Cohen Identification and Protection of Torture Victims from the Traumatisation of Immigration Detention in the UK
Medical Sciences
Science & Justice Piotr Girdwoyn & Tadeusz Tomaszewski Expert Opinion Evidence and Harmonisation of Law in the European Union
Toxicology & Pharmacology Peter Stockham et al. Screening and Identification of 34 Benzodiazepines and Antipsychotics in Blood using Liquid Chromatography- Quadripole-Time of Flight (LC-QTOF) Mass Spectrometry
Wildlife Forensics & Entomology Claire Lenehan et al. Identification of Species from Bloodstains: HPLC Separation of Hemoglobin Followed by Chemometric Analysis
Best Posters
Archaeology, Anthropology and Odontology Naomi Hemy et al. Stature Estimation using Anthropometry of Feet and Footprints in a Western Australian Population
Biology Steve Thai et al. Implementation of a Semi-automated Sperm Detection System (MetaSystem-Zeiss) in Sexual Assault Cases
Biometrics Jiri Straus & Jiri Jonak Footwear Influence on Style and Characteristic of Walk
Chemical Criminalistics Des Phillips et al. Container Glass Refractive Index Range and Variation with Annealing
Counter Terrorism & Major Incidents Paul Roffey & John Bates Verification of a Field Assay for the Detection of the Plant Toxin Abrin
Crime Scene Investigation Alan Piper Bumper Bars, Date Codes and Toolmarks
Documents David Black A Technique for Visualising the Surface Morphology of Xerographic Printing
Fingermark Detection & Identification Robine Bruin et al The Development of Friction Ridge Detail on Non-porous Substrates Contaminated with Bodily Fluids from Tissue Decomposition
Fire & Expolsion Investigation Nopporn Song-im et al. Establishing Analytical Methods to Quantify Trace Amounts of TATP in Aqueous Swab Extracts
Illicit Drugs & Clandestine Laboratories Hilton Kobus et al. Polymeric Methylamphetamine and Pseudoephedrine Impurities
Management & Quality Assurance Matthew Thompson et al. Enhancing Performance in Human Decision Making: The Role of Similarity in Forensic Identification
Pathology & Clinical Medicine David Cauchi et al. Demonstration of Bruising in Decomposed Deceased using Immunohistochemical Detection of GPA
Toxicology & Pharmacology Michael Swerlowycz et al. Cows on Coke! Levamisole: A Livestock De-wormer in Cocaine
Wildlife Forensics & Entomology Jocelyn King et al. The Colonisation and Succession of Forensically Significant Carrion Insects in Richmond, NSW