2004 Symposium certificate winners

Best Overall Oral Presentation Jacqui Horswell, ESR New Zealand, “Development of bacterial biosensors to detect poisons and drugs in toxicological samples”
Best Overall Poster  Simon Gilmore, Canberra Institute of Technology, Australia, “Organelle DNA markers for Cannabis sativa L”


Best Oral Presentations Best Posters
Ken Fowle Kent Agg
Sean Remedios Karen Cavanagh-Steer
Gerard Dutton Dr Jurian Hoogewerff
Kathleen Flynn Christie Wallace
Cameron Scadding Dr José Almirall
Nicole Anastos Dr Gordon Miskelly
Stephen Gutowski Sue Vintiner
Matthew Phipps Carole Field
Troy O’Malley Roland van Oorschot
Michael Hurley John Dennison
Renee Wilson Simon Walsh
Richard Clarke Glynn Hansen
Simon Walsh Katherine Flynn
Lynne Milne Dr Sally-Ann Harbison
Jacqui Horswell Donnah Day
Sharon Birchall
Sonya Donoghue